Tracing Tomorrow

OPENING: Saturday December 10, 7:00pm – 10:00pm (FB event)

CLOSING BRUNCH: Saturday January 28, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

ON VIEW: December – January 31

Tracing Tomorrow presents various artistic modes and strategies that can build social, political and ecological sustainability. It shares artistic ideas for combating the status quo of neglect and destruction that contemporary society perpetuates. All works have participatory components that invite you to actively trace the path of their production and imagine the value of what we will create tomorrow.


Tracing Tomorrow was curated by Natalie Mik and Michael Nannery, who both work as independent curators and artists. Nannery’s perspective on using art to observe ecological growth and wastefulness, combined with Mik’s perspective on the value of conversations in building social sustainability, offered the curators an interesting starting point to invite a group of artists whose work address various aspects of sustainability.


Recapturing Ephemera is a sound performance that creates an opportunity to enter a more active viewing and listening space. It invites the audience to slow down in a society that is increasingly surrounded with stimuli designed to be digested in split seconds.

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Recapturing Ephemera, 2016

Sound performance

rob’s website


Ultimum Vitae I,II are weavings created from discarded remnants of wood, time, and energy in order to perform, witness and understand the process of growth.

Ultimum Vitae 1 and 2, 2012-2014

Wool dyed with cedar, maple, walnut, pine, blod wood, mahogany, cherry, red wood, black locust, poplar

67.5″ x 72″ x 1/8″

krista’s website


Conversations is a verbal art project by Fukui and Mik, who both examine the conversation as material for sustainable living. As an interactive performance piece, Conversations is activated and performed by its participants inside the Thoughtitarium.

Conversations, 2016

Interactive Performance

kiyomi’s website & natalie’s website


Leftover Table, Doorstep are furniture designs that consider the individual aesthetic qualities of different tree species through the process of construction and recombination.

Leftover Table, 2015

Various wood species ‘leftovers’ combined and finished to create solid wood table of classical proportions

2.5′ x 2.5′ 

Doorstep, 2015

Giant solid wood wedge

30″ x 10.25″ x 11.5″

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nate’s website


Memories, Numbered Portraits depict Martinez’s coworkers, immigrant farmworkers, through portraiture and landscape using reclaimed produce boxes. His works unlock the path of production and encourage us to be critical of the things in which we place value.

Memories, 2016

Charcoal drawing on collaged cardboard produce boxes

6′ x 9′

Numbered Portraits, 2016

Lino-Cut print on reclaimed cardboard produce box

Dimensions vary



Thoughtitarium is a sound-modulating hemisphere fabricated with burlap, plaster, and water. The Thoughtitarium augments the sounds produced by its occupants, providing space for a unique communication experience.

Thoughtitarium 2.0, 2016

3 quadrant hemispherical burlap and Hydrostone enclosure bolted onto spruce cross-sectional supports

8′ x 8′ x 8′

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Wooden Sound Puddle, 2016

Maple and walnut wooden matrix lathed to puddle form

23″ diameter x 4″

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Coffee Roasting shares the art of producing and serving pan roasted coffee. Nannery will facilitate the waste management of all organic matter produced by the exhibition using a culture of composting earthworms.

Coffee Roasting & Waste Management, 2016


michael’s website


Bodyx3 is an interactive infinity vessel that is activated by its participants. Inside Bodyx3, Michael Nannery has created a planted installation. One reflects alongside a host of plants in the simultaneously dislocating and centering environment.

Bodyx3, 2016

8 foot cube room assembled from 12 reinforced plywood panels, with structure exposed on the exterior and interior lined completely wth mirror tiles. Inside you will find Michael Nannery’s temporary living plant installation.

8′ x 8′ x 8′

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Spoon & Cake Serving is a performance that explores ideas of generosity, greed, and accountability. Wong invites us to think about strategies for employing existing resources optimally so that a more responsible and beneficial balance can be achieved over a longer time.

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Cake Spooning, 2016


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Tracing Tomorrow show cards by Natalie Mik, risograph printed by Rob Brown