The Collective Arts Incubator is a community first, a locale second. CAI is committed to providing space, materials, and opportunities to artists and creative entrepreneurs. We offer an array of options for affordable rates to enable the widest and most diverse membership base. Enrollment and all amenities are offered at the discretion of the Directors. Members must apply with work sample and email/letter of intent to join us at any level beyond Standard. Members at each successive level have access to a broader swathe of amenities, including those available at lower cost levels.


$15 per month (NOW AVAILABLE)

  • Quarterly Artist Edition: Every quarter (3 months) we will commission one of our members or featured artists to produce a Limited Edition artwork, to be mailed to each one of our Members.
  • Online Forum access: Members will be able to communicate amongst themselves via our Online Forum, on which Members can propose programming for our Venue, recruit support for new projects, share insights and technical knowledge, etc.
  • CAI Event tickets: All Members will get special invitations to shows produced by CAI and other Members in our Venue.
  • Library access: The Library features the CAI collection of books, art, and other artifacts, curated by our Art Director. All items must be perused on-site and are available at the discretion of the Art Director.
  • Lunch Counter access: Members are invited to visit CAI’s main gallery and sit at the entry counter with a cup of coffee or computer. Access will be limited to public gallery hours and seat availability.
  • Gift Shop shelf space: Coworker members will be able to submit art pieces and creative products to sell in a special section of the Venue Gift Shop. The Art Director will review all submissions.


$65 per month (available 2017)

  • Coworking Lab access: Once open, our Coworking Lab will provide communal worktables for digital and light electronic work and a small communal shop with handheld / craft tools. Coworker members can bring in their own materials and tools to develop personal or professional projects. We hope the Coworking Lab will be well used and fertile for collaborative innovation.
  • Specialty Lab workshop access: Partner level members will offer workshops and shared work time in the Specialty Labs, which will feature specialty equipment. Coworker members will be able to learn how to use specialized equipment and access tools usually reserved for institutional labs.


$750 per Specialty Lab space (available 2017)

We are looking for independent workshop managers and machining specialists to populate a collection of small Specialty Labs next to our Coworking Lab. These Labs can be made available individually or connected into larger units. We plan on redeveloping these units fall 2016, and invite future Partners to help us develop them to best suit their needs. We are looking for Partners who can provide any of the following equipment and/or corresponding expertise (list not exhaustive):

Woodshop: table saw, chop saw, band saw, lathe, planer, mill, drill, sander, etc.

Metalshop: welder, engraver, casting, sand blaster, sander, grinder, etc.

Electronic Shop: soldering, microcontrollers, electronic components, printed circuit board mill, etc.

Digital Manufacturing: 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC mill, 3D scanner, etc.

Classical Art Studio: painting, sculpture, carving, printmaking, pottery, etc.

Media Production Studio: photography, video, recording, audio engineering, animation, large-format printing, framing, etc.

Performance and Rehearsal Studio: dance, acting, puppetry, etc.

Partners will be invited to offer workshops and equipment access and instruction to our Members, in exchange for suitable compensation (or credit towards membership rate payment). We hope Partners will contribute vigorously to the collective energy and expertise of our Membership.


available 2017

We invite our Members to live and work at CAI! We hope to accommodate a single occupant or couple, in each of two bedrooms available in the shared unit. Residents will have access to all of CAI’s amenities to build personal or professional projects close to home. We love living and working in Highland Park, and believe our Members will too.