OPENING 7/5 in El Cerrito: You are safe here

For the second show at our new space in the San Francisco Bay Area, we will feature a collection of paintings produced collaboratively by Frantz Jean-Baptiste and Michael Kang. Frantz is a resident of the collective and paints on-site. Both are graduates of the California College of the Arts.

Exhibition Opening Reception:
Friday, July 5, 4:00 pm
8547 Terrace Drive, El Cerrito
Followed by after party starting at 8:30
Gallery Hours:
By Appointment

From Frantz:

The purpose of the show is to Segway the viewer into the conversation of naivety/incorruptible. We live in a Society where we choose to dictate how an individual should act  how one should move or how one should express themselves.  With that said that could be constraining to the individual removing any source of Individualism. But in the other handSociety is very cruel, the naive adolescence roaming freely can be easily manipulated. With that comes fear, presentingthe opportunity for one to be sheltered. Limiting the child from viewing the world for what it is. The it is the ‘world’ the paintings walk a thin line of playfulness as well as complexity.  ‘you’re safe here’  is a place where you can free yourself but also you must be aware of the dangers that linger outside.