OPENING 3/16 in El Cerrito: Bed Bad and Beyond

For our inaugural exhibition at the new CAI compound in El Cerrito we have invited two dear comrades Jake Platt and Oliver Wilson working in photography and sculpture, respectively. Each idiosyncratic artist has tempered their idiosyncratic craft while focusing upon the dispossessed and displaced refuse of the urban waste stream.

Exhibition Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 16, 7:00 pm
8547 Terrace Drive, El Cerrito

Featuring a live performance by Cameron Stephens
Gallery Hours:
By Appointment

Here it is in their own words:

Recycling is, more than anything else, a cheap ploy by industries that should be taking the brunt of the responsibility to not endorse disposability and yet I find myself doing it compulsively, at least as long as the recycled material will hold up. Painting is also a medium of renewal, willful homogenization and eventual re-dispersal into heterogeneous forms once again. Not so much a long game of collage that confuses the terms but a sort of crushing and expanding. Nothing so simple as compressing the world; “the world” is an assumption we make that is exacerbated by photographs and not the other way around. To scratch a surface is not to come away from the surface scratched with a facile understanding of it, it’s to have allowed some of it to gather underneath your nail, facilitating the need to clean yourself of it. It’s about recognizing that this too is simply a system of reorganization, diverted attention. Understanding that there is no such thing as just pointing, simply highlighting or erasing, no neutrality. Smashing car parts; shopping for something you don’t need at Bed Bad and Beyond. If I, as an artist, must sell you something, I at least ask you to consider what that is. I ask myself to consider what the initial impulse is: to create something or to create desire, and if it’s the latter maybe not berate myself for it.

Jake Platt is an Interdisciplinary artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is currently a PhD Candidate at the European Graduate School studying Literary, Visual, and Musical thought.  He received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 and his BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2014.

Oliver Wilson is a Mixed Media artist based in Oakland, California. He recently received his BFA from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon. His works have been shown widely in Oregon and California.

The exhibition was organized by El Cerrito CAI member Travis Wyche.