Special Event 08/04: PRIVACY performance art dinner party

PLEASE JOIN US for dinner and find yourself surrounded by performance art. Curated by Richard Andres, artists will emerge over the length of the evening amongst the guests, table, and refreshments.


This sit-down dinner party provides an unusual context for art presentation, inviting performers to inhabit a setting that is much more familiar to most than performance art. It is laden with meaning and associations, varying deeply across cultures and locales. We invite everyone to enjoy a dinner provided by Executive Director Josh Swick.

This second iteration of the Collective Arts Incubator Performance Art Dinner Party is tasked with addressing PRIVACY from any angle that can inhabit the dinner party setting. We are looking for work within the personal practices of participating artists that confronts the manifestations of privacy in modern life. This can include the enduring conflict between the libertarian expectation of individual privacy and the nature of surveillance across the globe, sustained by the cooperation between the state and the global industry that serves it.

All attendees are invited to perform. Performers are invited to emerge over the length of the dinner at their own pace or more abruptly in solo spotlight performances. Performances can involve bodily movement and dance, monologues or readings (or other verbal performance), acoustic / non-amplified music (or noise) making, props or implements, audience participation, media and projection, etc. Performances will take place around the dining table outdoors in the courtyard or indoors in the kitchen. We cannot accommodate non-acoustic music/noise, to respect our neighborhood’s residential character.

Performances are curated by Richard Andres.


Richard Andres in performance


Since there is no ticket price for this event, we encourage attendees to contribute donations to participating performers. Performers will also showcase artwork and merchandise for sale.

All attendees are invited to perform!

To participate as a featured performer and be added to the event invitation and publicity, please contact Kris via email at kswick@collectiveartsincubator.com by July 22. Afterwards, performers are still invited to participate but may not be publicized in advance of the event. All performers must coordinate logistics directly with Kris.


RSVP is REQUIRED to reserve your seat and meal.