Special Event 10/28: NORMAL performance art dinner party

PLEASE JOIN US for a performance art dinner party unraveling the cult of normalcy!

This semiformal sit-down dinner party is an opportunity for unique and real local folk to dress up and conform to what modern American considers NORMAL, as conveyed through popular culture and media.

During the course of the event, local performance artists will unravel the facade of ‘normalcy’ while examining the insidious forces that lie behind modern society. Performers are invited to visualize these forces in their own unique way.

Performances are curated by Peter Kalisch.


Attendees are asked to dress up in ‘white-bread’ or ‘business casual’ clothing and corresponding personalities; an individual’s costume does not need to correspond to their own gender expression, male or female drag is encouraged. Think, a corporate networking function in a city like Chicago or Dallas where everyone is predominantly interested in their unremarkable business achievements, bland relationships, disappointing children, etc; everyone is in a constant struggle to conform to the ‘American ideal’ while vigorously concealing those aspects of their lives that do not.

As opposed to taking Halloween as an opportunity to dress up as fictitious monsters, impersonate instead the very real monsters that occupy the halls of power in this country!


Since there is no ticket price for this event, we encourage attendees to contribute donations to participating performers. Performers will also showcase artwork and merchandise for sale.

All attendees are invited to perform! If you are interested in performing, please contact Kris Swick at kswick@me.com no later than October 14.


RSVP is REQUIRED to reserve your seat and meal.