OPENING 7/14: City Limits | Making Art in the City of Angels

What kind of a life creates an art piece? How does available work space inform the work? These are questions we consider in CITY LIMITS: Making Art in the City of Angels. Cameron Tyme Edison’s work is created in a tiny studio she built under her sleeping quarters. Sam Shoemaker’s multimedia sculptures are sourced from reclaimed materials from the alley outside his studio. We see how lifestyle choices in regards to studio space limitations directly influence the work an artist can and will make.

Exhibition Opening Reception:

Friday, July 14, 2017, 7:00 pm -11:00 pm

(Facebook Event)

Gallery Hours:

By Appointment

Photo of Don Lewis in his studio

This exhibit features works of various media by Rachid Bouhamidi, Cameron Tyme Edison, Jason Hadley, Kat Genikov, Don Lewis, Sam Shoemaker, and Zach Vidal, with corresponding portraits of each of the artists in their respective studios or home work spaces, by photographers Narin Dickerson and Jaspin Pascoe-Genikov.

Curated by Summer Petersen.

The opening night party is augmented by an open jam session among the featured visual artists (many of whom are also notable musicians in their own right) and their friends.
Please join us!