OPENING 6/3: PAAX | Hyperforms of the Marvelous Void

Enter the Marvelous Void!
Patrick PAAX channels imagery from over two decades of exploration in Chaos Magick, Zen Intuition and Sci-Fi Abstraction.

“Exterminate all rational thought”

Suspend your perceptions of time and space, and join us in the Marvelous Void, an exhibition of never-before seen art works: glowing other-worldly sculptures–paintings–video projections–The Warlords of Waal!

Exhibition Opening Reception:

Saturday, June 3, 2017, 8 pm -11:30 pm

(Facebook Event)

Gallery Hours:

By Appointment


“All realities are equal”

Unique performances and beautiful sounds emitted from:

Ellen Phan


Bradley Bailey with Lucola Bang

Night Tongue

Jason Adams

All Attendees are participants! Please wear black/white garb, formal or casual.

Ellen Phan is an artist working primarily in the field of computer music. Hers is a psychedelic digitalism; a distinctly hallucinatory otoacoustic soundworld aimed directly at the subconscious with intent and focus. Her sounds morph into abstract shapes that are then thoroughly dissected and scattered across the psychoacoustic sphere creating an often disorienting, illuminating effect. Her work in the field of hypnotism informs her approach to sonics. She regularly performs in Los Angeles and across the United States and is currently working on her first release.

Bradley Bailey is a young crooner from a southeastern state. Tonight he is performing new arrangements of surprising space synth songs in recently unearthed arrangements, accompanied by Lucola Bang, who plays instruments with the most beautiful hands ever seen.

Night Tongue is the dark southern gothic duo Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell. Originally from Australia, witness the transgressive post-punk pair in this debut performance.

Jason Adams is a multi-instrumental experimental musician, tonight casting a spell with unexpected sorts of sounds from the cello. You can also find him hosting the Late Breakfast experimental sound night at Ham ‘n Eggs tavern.

LoopGoat is the weird-you-out and warm-you-up solo project of one Jessica:::tight like neon:::elevation zoning for stoners.